Back Opening Intensive Workshop:

In this workshop students learn specific exercises to correctly and safely increase range of motion in the spine, lengthening the surrounding muscles of hips, lower, middle and upper back, shoulders and neck. We focus also on breathing and relaxation to allow deeper stretches, and how to do so without incurring in injuries, what feelings to expect etc. This workshop benefits all levels, from the beginner who just want to increase their back arch, to the more advanced student who’s working on harder tricks.

Splits Intensive Workshop:

Beautiful, squared, flat splits are many’s goal, but what exercises and techniques really work to achieve that? Students will learn how to progressively lengthen hamstrings, quads, hips, adductors, glutes in order to achieve perfect front and middle splits, how to prevent injuries and how to recover from them. Oversplit and standing split training is addressed as well for the more advanced students.


In this workshop strength, body awareness, balance, as well as flexibility are developed in order to achieve strong and beautiful inversions poses like elbowstand, handstand, crocodile. Smooth transitioning in and out of poses are addressed as well.

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