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I’ve been active all my life, my first sport was skiing at age 4. Then I did ballet, modern dance, figure ice skating, track and field. At age 16 I started weight training, and 5 years later I began competing. From 2009 to 2012 I added pole dancing to my training. On November 2012 I started contortion (at the age of 27) and drastically reduced weight training and pole dancing to fully dedicate myself to this very beautiful yet demanding art. Today I train mostly flexibility and contortion, but still do body-weight training.




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  1. ahh i am obsessed with you!! i just found your blog and i am recently trying to lean out while building muscle and basically look like you– besides the modeling since i am no way as gorgeous as you are! i am totally going to hit you up with so many questions about diet and exercise if that is ok with you!<3

  2. I would like to hire you as my personal trainer in Las Vegas or can you recommend on if your not interested.

    Thank You

  3. So happy to have found you! I am learning pole, lyra, and silks currently as well as fire eating and poi. It’s hard to find a role model to look up to with a similar body shape to me. I’m also 5’11” so this gives me hope that I *can* achieve some of those awesome shapes eventually with lots of hard work. Long legs are so much heavier haha.


    ~Lotus LaFleur

  4. Just found out about you from one of your blog posts. I am so interested in increasing flexibility and always thought that I couldn’t since I wasn’t super young. You have shown me that 21 is NOT to old to stretch and continue my flexibility. I’ve already sent you an email! Hopefully you can help me out a bit!

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