Why are people so alone?

Why are people so alone, when in reality we desperately need connections, that we seek compulsively through the use of texting and social media? Why are we afraid of getting too close to other people? Are we afraid to lose our freedom, are we too lazy to commit to a plan – like meeting up with someone – and get through with it? Why is it so hard to connect in real life? I ask myself these questions, because I know we all have an intrinsic need to connect and be close to others, but yet we keep distant and often time we complain of the loneliness, but we don’t act on changing things. I sort of give up sometimes, the same way you give up when you’re with someone in a room or at dinner and they pick up their phone and you are left alone there, so not to look stupid and look around you do the same. I find myself hiding my nature of being profound, sensitive and fascinated by the power of emotions and reasoning, I often dream in silence, I find myself hiding my true nature because it can be misunderstood, so I try to stay light and stay on the surface, I have to ‘lower my thoughts’ to more basic so that I can fit in better with the world around me. I then open up again when I meet meaningful, worthy people that run on my same wave length, but it’s rare.

Anyway, going back to what Iwas saying… It’s ok to be alone, but continuous alone time become loneliness. They’re two different things. You need to be self sufficient and happy sometimes on your own, enjoying the time with yourself. But feeling lonely it comes from a place of pain, of missing, of detachment. We need others to be fully well, we need social interaction, love, because it’s in our nature. Nobody can survive alone. The phone is not your friend, it makes you see people through a screen, it’s virtual and unreal. There is nothing like a touch, looking someone in their eyes, sharing a moment, a laugh. I wish sometimes we didn’t have phones and internet, we’d be free of all distractions, connected to the moment, slower and more eager to find in person connections.

Thoughts of the night…


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