The “Bendy Life”

“I didn’t choose the Bendy Life… the Bendy Life chose me”

For the expert ones in the music and old school hip hop genre, this altered quote will make you smile, for those who didn’t get it, it’s ok lol!

I created my own shirts to represent my brand and at the same time express in a subtle way my love for music, in specific old school hip hop and the one and only Tupac. In fact my shirt is strongly influenced by Tupac’s famous tattoos (on the front of his body).


The “Bendy Life” references “Thug Life“, the notorious Tupac’s motto and lifestyle. My life revolving around fitness and flexibility (of body and mind) affected deeply my lifestyle and who I am today, so Bendy Life is really something that describe me well.

Going back to the shirt: the placement of my name on top left and the bending silhouette on top right substitutes Tupac’s name on his left pec (2PAC) and the Queen Nefertiti on right, which underneath says “2.DIE.4” (on my shirt “2.BEND.4”). My signature move is in the middle, which replaces Tupac’s rifle and 50 N****Z (figure what it stands for lol!)

So the obvious question comes to mind, what does an Italian girl have in common with Tupac?? I know it’s funny. I grew really close to Tupac music once I moved to the States 10 years ago, someone made me a really cool mixtape with all his songs and I was going on repeat forever with it. I learned to love his lyrics and meaning behind, his talent combining words to thoughts to beats, his drive to fight what felt wrong in his reality, to be remembered, to leave a mark and I applied his confidence and passion to my own life, my training, goals and dreams. So I got interested and kept reading about his life and work. He was edgy and rebellious, but also educated, intelligent and a real artist, one of its kind. Since then I never stopped listening to his music and never got bored of it. I have memories of me training, running, traveling, being lonely, even going through hard times and his music got me always going. So still to this day I’m a huge fan (did you know my license plate says Makaveli? Lol).

So there you go, now you know where Bendy Life’s from! 🙂

4 responses to “The “Bendy Life”

  1. Oh how cool I grew up in So. Cal listening when became popular here…you may like the unreleased song below:

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