2016 ICC and a new friend

These past two weeks have been really interesting and intense, first I got to perform my act for Silent Savasana at the Brooklyn Bowl

Silent Savasana: live music, dj and yoga instructions all straight to your headphones

then I attended the International Contortion Convention, a 3 days event of shows and workshops, where I also performed. The workshops were hosted by Angelique, Otgo, Enkhee (the Mongolians), then Betsy Shuttleworth, Jonathan Nosan (loved to see him, he’s such a radiant person), Marcus Freeman, Karen Rudiger and Cheryl Lindley. I didn’t take workshops (I already train with Otgo) but I got to watch partially some of them: I couldn’t believe how high the level of the students was! It’s pretty unusual to see so many flexible people all in one place. As always, when seeing all the bendiness I unconsciously started comparing myself to what I was witnessing, and got quite depressed lol. But then I was able to transform this feeling into motivation, started taking some notes and I was on a different place in my mind, I was motivated and excited more than ever to train and be better. I was like: I either quit or I kick my ass harder 😂

The shows featured a variety of highly skilled athletes: there were talented young girls doing dance/gymnastic based contortion performances, more “mature” contortionists in their 20’s (the Mongolian style was predominant), other mind blowing artists who did insane bending moves (more Russian Style) and if in picture it looks weird, watching it in person it’s totally another thing: mesmerizing. Finally there were the “old” contortionists  – like me and my fellow classmates Kanako, Anya and Kristi lol, around their 30’s and up. My performance included dancing, floorwork and contortion, I was happy to deliver my own style, that fits my body and personality 🙂


Living the moment at ICC

To be honest, the best part of the whole event was the people I got to meet and reconnect with. I had the pleasure to have over at my house Samantha Halas, one of my contortion idols and biggest inspiration. She’s so strong, balanced and flexible, and the fact that she’s my age is tremendously motivating to me. Seeing her train and perform really motivated me to step up my game and work on my weaknesses.

Me and Sammy preparing to go on stage

Beside being one of the most badass contortionist you’ll ever see (she can do push up hook up! I mean do I need to say more?) she’s also such a sweet and funny girl, very down to earth. After spending time at the convention, I’m glad we had a chance to do other things, and when she told me it was her first time ever in Vegas, I was like OMG! I have to show this girl what’s Vegas about… 😉

Two scorpions found at Red Rock Canyon


At the one of a kind Neon Museum of Las Vegas

Of course I wish we had more time, but I had such a blast to be with her, I really hope we stay in touch because I’m in love! Ahah – contortion/friend love 🙂

Samantha beside being a tremendous athlete and contortionist also produces her own show and teaches in Winnipeg, Canada. Check out her website.

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  1. That sounds like SO much fun 😊!! I glad you’re motivated to press forward. I always feel like I would be a lot more flexible if I had someone push or pull me into the poses

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