Doctors don’t understand me

The relationship you built with your own body through training is very unique. In fact, I do listen to my body almost like it’s another entity that lives with me. More precisely: I am my mind, and I live inside my body. I don’t know how people can neglect their health or abuse their body or numb it or worse.


If you’re thinking, “but aren’t you abusing your body with all you do?” I’ll tell you I used to, but through the years I learned how to rest, feed myself properly, exercise correctly and knowing when to stop. Even so, I still get hurt from time to time. It’s the life of athletes !

Going back to why we should take care of ourselves… even if in the end we’ll die, our body was given to us to experience this life and to do so to the maximum fulfillment I believe we need to care about it. Because I’m so interested about how everything works, I’m one of the few people that get excited when going to see a doctor, because finally I can ask all the questions I have to someone that actually knows more than me. Sadly, most of the times I go ( I’ve been going to check on some pains and past injuries) I’m treated like every other patient and I’m told the things I don’t want to hear. Let me explain: the general population worries about one thing most of all: pain. If you have pain, a doctor try to figure out why, then he prescribes you something that will take the pain away and he’ll might reinforce rest and change of activity, if pain comes from an injury. Sounds okay, right? Too bad I’m not part of the general population, I don’t care about having pain ( I mean I don’t like it but that’s not why I seek medical help), I care about finding a reason/solution to what causes pain and no, don’t tell me to pop a pill or drastically change my routine. I don’t want to be healed so I can be like everyone else, I worked hard to be the way I am lol! And even a doctor cannot understand this: for a normal person, health means doing daily activities pain free, for me means training, contorting, stretching pain free. That’s my regular life, those are my regular activities. Am I an alien? Maybe. Because if I complain my right shoulder is hurting, and I say I’m a contortionist of 31 years old, doctors roll their eyes and say ” see, if you want your shoulder to not hurt, you need to stop what you’re doing”. Partially I know they’re right, but that doesn’t help, because stopping is NOT an option lol. That’s why I have yet to meet a doctor specialized in sport medicine: because then I’ll be introduced to different treatment options, different exercise variations that allow me to still train and improve. So far I’ve been doing all that myself! Changing exercises and stabilization work especially have been working. I still like to go to doctor’s visits because I always learn something new, I love to read MRI’s and XRays, or blood work and blood pressure. I should have been a radiologist or a lab doctor! I love to know also how medicines interact with the body, even though I rarely take any. In Italy we don’t use a lot of drugs and if we do the doses are very low compared to US. Here they give away prescriptions like candy lol! I hate to take drugs because you think you fix a problem, then you create a new one (so many side effects!) or you’re stuck taking that crap for a long time. Of course you should take them when you’re sick or in real need, but overall I believe you should live drug free because your body, if fed with nutritious food and exercised, has all the abilities to be functional and strong by itself.

Anyway I was going off topic… I’ll post more about this when I found a sport doctor that understand and treat athletes 😉

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