I became the girl I used to make fun of

After a few years of moving away from weight training, I felt the urge to come back and incorporate some strength exercises again in my routine. Obviously, since focusing so much on flexibility, my weight training doesn’t resemble at ALL what I used to do in the gym. When doing legs, I used to deadlift pretty heavy (check a clip Here!) and squat even more. Today this was my situation

A complete empty bar! It weighs 45 lbs… But still. Thinking back, I remember being such a b*tch when girls would show up at the gym and lift what I considered “baby weights”. Today, that girl was me lol…


Some of the reasons why I don’t lift heavy anymore are:

I don’t want to compress my low back

I don’t need heavy loads to stimulate growth in my muscles

I focus on full range of motion rather than weight

I’m working on strengthening joints, core, overall staying strong in function of my flexibility training – obviously my priority- and I try to minimize the stiffness that comes from classic weight training.

Having trained for 15 years in the gym is definitely helpful because I recognize all the machines, what variations I can do for my current goals and so on. The funny part is, to someone’s else I might look like the kind of girl that doesn’t want to lift, scared to “bulk up” lol. I’m not! I train with a different purpose now. But I wonder if there is an “old me” at the gym, watching me lift my 8lbs dumbbells and roll her eyes πŸ˜‚!

It’s so true, you can never assume to judge someone by their actions, you never know what’s the person’s past like or where in life they’re headed to πŸ˜‰

3 responses to “I became the girl I used to make fun of

  1. Excellent post. You’ve got your training figured out in the best way. What we do, when we train, is all about INTENT. This needs to be clear to succeed. You’ve got it all clear, Sofia. Excellent stuff!

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