Top 10 Flexibility excuses

At some point, starting out or few months in with flexibility training, you’ll question if what you’re doing is actually realistic and worth it, you’ll have doubts and often you’ll tell yourself something to justify the journey’s difficulties (that’s the purpose of excuses). If you believe in an excuse, you think you have a reason to quit. But guess what, excuses are not a reason to quit, more like an obstacle to overcome.

Here are the most common flexibility excuses, many of which I personally experienced:

I’m too old.
This is by far the MOST common excuse, and it’s understandable, but it’s not our biggest limitation (our MIND is). It’s understandable because as we age, flexibility decreases, but with consistency and dedication, you can be more flexible of a teenager who stretches inconsistently and with no dedication. Also, you have to set goals that are challenging yet realistic.


(I started to stretch at 27 yo!)

I’m not naturally flexible.
Well, so is the remaining 80-90% of the world population. So you’re not alone! You can teach your body how to become flexible.

My bone structure doesn’t allow me do certain stretches.
Ok, first of all, who said that and why? Do not believe anything you hear, unless it’s proven and comes from medical sources. Second, what about trying different stretches? There can be some positions or exercises that feel particularly uncomfortable (I personally don’t like to push too much my lower back) so it’s totally fine to do different ones. That’s one thing I love about flexibility, you can always find new ways to stretch your body safely and without unnecessary pain.

I get too sore.
It’s gonna happen. But it will also get better with time. Make sure you rest and take hot baths to help your body recover.

photo (7)

Dead meat!

My legs/torso are too long.
That’s my excuse sometimes! But again not enough to make me stop. We all have different body proportions (people with short back can head-sit easier, for example). I have to work extra hard to control my long body (I’m 5’10”) and sometimes it feels very heavy to maneuver and bend.

photo (43)

(I have a love/hate relationship with handstands. So damn hard!)

I have no time.

Not a good excuse, if you find an hour a day for Facebook/TV, you can find it for stretching 😉

I’m scared to push myself.
It is very scary to go deeper into stretches at the beginning, because mostly your mind doesn’t believe you can do it. Remember your body can do double, triple of what your mind thinks. Relax and breathe. And have someone with experience on your side to assist you in case.

704 copy

My coach always makes me feel safe!

I’m naturally stiff.
This goes hand in hand with the “I’m not naturally flexible” one. If you knew you can reach a goal, but it would take you extra time and work, wouldn’t you still go for it? Believing is achieving.
Others are way better than me.
Who cares! You are not them. You are you. Find what set you from the rest, don’t try to be someone else. Why would you wanna be someone else’s bad copy? Be your own best. Somewhere I read “Comparison is the thief of joy”. It’s so true.
I have past injuries, I can’t do it.
You can always work around injuries. Actually, all active people go through injuries all the times, it’s quite normal. I myself have a not so great left hamstring and right shoulder, but I have my ways around it and warm up really good. Some old injuries will always stick with you, they’ll come and go. Other ones will heal completely, and stretching will help the process.

Do you stretch? What’s your excuse?

12 responses to “Top 10 Flexibility excuses

  1. All the truth. I just started stretching, on a serious schedule, at the beginning of this year. I’ve been trying to get flexible for YEARS but could never stick to it due to: laziness, discouragement and fear. My mind used to go into a panic when I would try to push myself in a stretch, but once I “hacked” a regimen, it’s slowly but surely disappearing. Spine flexibility is for me is still being a butt though.

    • I still get “stressed” before stretching my back, but I keep improving my mindset towards it 😉 the more you practice, the more your mind get trained to relax too 🙂

  2. Well my one is easy cause it’s just the raleality and not an excuse: I am too lazzy sometimes and often I just remind myself already when it’s time to go a sleep so then I do stretch but only just quickly…

    So yeah it’s just though to have the discipline but I think I’m gonna start a private lesson every 2 week.. So yeah that’s motivating for sure 🙂

  3. I’ve had one of my hips replaced, should I still be able to do the splits? I just worry about dislocating it.

    • Elizabeth, to be sure I’d talk to your doctor first. Also it depends how far are you with healing process, you might want to give it some time and then start gently to stretch. But again ask your doctor to make sure what’s best for you 🙂

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  6. Hi Sofia, I would like to ask about an old injury I had, in the hamstring, exactly down from the buttlock. I kind of healed with some physiotherapies, so it’s not as painful as it used to be before. Now everytime I do my left front splits and open my legs I feel the muscle reacts to the stretch and have pain, but when I relax and breath and try to go more down it’s not that painful. I would like also to mention that after a year of religious stretching, I got my front split from 15 cm away to the floor, to 5 cm, so I am really getting closed and am happy with my progress. My question (and fear) is do you think that this past injury would affect from getting flat split or should I ignore it and try to let it down? It is my dream and my big goal to have a flat split and never thought I would get that closed. I would appreciate if you could answer to me with your experience. I love your posts by the way and also your hamstring video

    • Hi Kel4!
      I meet a lot of girls with hamstring injuries: hamstrings are easy to strain, their injuries are quite common. Unfortunately to be honest with you, injuries especially close to buttock, might not heal completely and disappear for good, you could have it coming back on and off, for many years ! But more like a discomfort, not real pain. Don’t get discouraged tho! The good news is, you can still get down in your splits. You just have to be really careful and very warmed up each time you train your splits. I suggest you to massage the area and apply heat whenever you feel discomfort, then gently stretch. On better days you can train little more intense, but listen to your body! Don’t rush and take your time to take your splits down to floor. Good luck !!!

  7. Thank you so much for your answer, good to know that there is hope for flat splits! Yes, that’s what I try to do, not force my progress on bad days and train more intense on good days. I have started also to do oversplits for more progress, thanks again! xx

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