Things that I started to feel different after +1 year of contortion


So my body after a year of contorting at least 3 times a week, feels like finally has started to accept the new way of being, and nags way less about it. There have been months where I personally doubted why I was putting myself thru all that strenuos training. It was painful and scary, but so rewarding that quickly I could’t help it but keep going. There are not many things that fascinated me like the human body, and pushing its limits. I really feel like the bumble bee, I probably shouldn’t have done contortion given my age, little flexibility background, height etc, but there wasn’t a real reason for me to not believing in myself, so…

Now the biggest changes I started to experience so far, are:

Lot of cracking. My back cracks every day, even just standing up or slightly twisting. I love to crack my back to release tension. Cracking per se it’s not bad, it means your joints are more flexible and the little gas molecules  inside, with a pressure change, make a pop sound.

I’m more sensible to cold, sitting, walking or standing for long time. Those are the most common reason for my back to get stiff.

I never felt more free in my life. I have the greatest freedom of movement and a deep sense of relaxation after I stretch. I cant imagine how constricted must feel the regular population lol!

I developed a fine tuning between mind and body, a profound connection and communication. The fear is what keeps mind and body apart. If you don’t take down your fears, you can’t fully see what’s your body potential. You need a mind free of fear to guide a body into defying logic and common sense, because contortion is none of them aha!

I’m less hungry (don’t know why, probably I started eating less, it’s awful to be full and stretch!)

I sleep in weird positions.

I sit even in more weird positions, every time I have a chance to be on the floor I go not thinking twice.

My mood often is related to how my body feels. If I’m stiff, I can get very pissed 😛

And lastly, I get way less sore than in the beginning, Yay!


5 responses to “Things that I started to feel different after +1 year of contortion

  1. do you have an progression pictures that show where you started early on in your contortion training and how far you’ve come a year+ into training? maybe that show progress in specific poses?
    I’m 34, an aerialist/yogi, and am very splitsy, but not very back bendy. I’m obsessed w getting my mid/upper back and front body to open up and move. I find your pictures very inspiring but I can’t imagine the day I’ll be able to do that! I wanna be able to touch my head to my toes and would love to be able to backbend like you are doing in the picture above. I’ll keep reading but any advice would he helpful!

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