Commitment means believing

Too often I hear people getting excited about some new trend, either a diet or training program. First they swear by yoga, then it’s pilates, then TRX, P90x, Crossfit, Paleo Diet, Dunkan, the return of South Beach, Atkins etc. Getting “hooked” on something usually happen either if:

You see someone else getting results from it
Everyone is doing it
You are too bored with the plan you’re on now and/or don’t see results yet
Some celebs swear by it etc

Well, let me clarify something. Lot of times, a new diet/training plan is nothing but a way for someone to sell a product and make money. Could be a good plan, but honestly, it’s never anything we didn’t know before: exercise more, improve your diet by cutting starches, calories, adding more vegetables and lean protein. DUH. So why do people always fall for it? Because we are victims of marketing and good advertising. If we see someone fit and beautiful talking about the product, we automatically connect the two things: she’s fit and beautiful, she’s using it. NO.

You gotta be a little smart and have at least some sort of knowledge about diet and exercise. Ignorance is a big buyer!
Also, when you choose a diet or a training plan, COMMIT to it, for at least 3 month. You can’t jump from one thing to another every couple of weeks. And that’s exactly what people do, because we hate to wait. Guess what, you need to wait, and when you see results, you’ll be happy you waited.

Also, not only you need to commit, but you also need to BELIEVE that what you choose works. Believing is a strong tool for success. So after doing a good research and picked what you think is best for you, don’t get distracted by the new trends… Eventually the concepts are the same, just presented in a different way. I did commit years ago to bodybuilding, for example. And since I saw results, I never needed to switch to the “new thing”. Sure, I ADDED things like stretching and pole dancing. But my way of training (and dieting) has always been following few basics true proven concepts, with very little variations thru the years.
Once you commit and believe, you’re immune to new trends, but hooked forever to the results 😉

Love at first weight!


One response to “Commitment means believing

  1. Along the same lines, I think there are a lot of different types of exercises and workouts that can work for people. For me, the #1 thing has always been consistency! If you’re going to be consistent with exercise, maybe start off small.

    “I will do 50 push ups per day, every day.”

    If it’s diet, maybe you can make a (small) sacrifice and say,

    “I will no longer eat fried food.”

    Just doing those things won’t get you in great shape, but it might allow you to develop a comfort with being consistent in a few aspects of working out and/or diet. Once you know you can be consistent with one thing, you can add on more and more challenges and continue improving your diet and all around health.


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