The world is dominated by forces, and the most powerful ones are love and hate. Good and bad if you like it better.

I think of them as separate, but often times they melt together, alternate, overlap. I was thinking, for example, how I love and hate Vegas. I love it for its magic, surrealistic atmosphere, never-ending flow, lights, feels like living on a cloud of dream where you never wake up. I hate it for its shallowness, emptiness, irregularity, fiction, money-sucking game. Another example can be training. I love training more than anything, but do I love the days after legs? Feeling exhausted like today where all I could do was eating and rolling on the couch in pain…Ugh. What about when you love someone? Have you ever hated being so in love? Hating loving, knowing wasn’t the right person for you? And your family? You love your parents but aren’t they PROS to get on your nerves sometimes?

What about food. Don’t you hate being hungry but boy how you love eating. I hate feeling hungry, but I love when I resist temptations, makes me “proud”. And last but not least… your body. How many times I LOVED my body, felt so connected to it, thought how perfect was it in its own way… and other times HATED it, feeling trapped in it, carrying it around like a burden. It’s weird how feelings work, and how our mind can sense extreme opposites for the same thing. I think that for everything you care about you’ll always have STRONG feelings, sometimes contrasting. So where you put the most attention in your life, those forces will be flying around. I feel so Yin Yang today 🙂

Always like to end up my post with a new picture…

Took it one of those nights I love Vegas 😉

One response to “Love/Hate

  1. Maybe it’s because of personal experience, but I think the world isn’t dominated by love and hate so much as it is dominated by happiness and sadness. These two emotions also tend to bleed into one another. That being said, when you are happy, you are in love. You’re happy with your body. You see the good in your friends and in your family. You’re happy with where you live. The small, irritating things in life become background noise that you can ignore.

    When you are sad, love doesn’t have that same burning feeling. Your family and friends can easily get on your nerves. You don’t have as much of a positive feeling about your self-image. Your surroundings can seem drab and suffocating.

    Life truly is a bit of a Ying and Yang. Everyone experiences ups and downs. For me, personally, it’s during these down times when I truly analyze what makes me, or has made me, happy in my life. These values differ from individual to individual, but I think at the core of any hot blooded human being is a desire to accomplish great things in their life. To realize their dreams.

    It’s good to have strong emotions. Those who don’t follow their emotions (whether happy or sad) rarely do anything extraordinary.

    As far as not being pleased with your body image, I have two points:

    #1) Don’t be ridiculous, you look amazing 😉

    #2) A very wise person once posted this on their blog and I took it to heart 🙂

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