I feel bad because I haven’t been posting regularly, but a fitness philosopher like me can’t just open the laptop and type, I gotta have either a good training/nutrition topic to discuss or some sort of inspiration, deep thinking, meditation, self-examination process going on. I’m sorry you have to wait for one of those lol.

Today my brain is in a vegetative state so forgive my grammar or if I say some nonsense, but I’m lacking sleep from last night and that’s what happen: I’m SLOW.

There are several things that happen in your body when you don’t sleep:

1. Suppressed immune system

2. Attention deficit

3. Moodiness (sleep and mood are regulated by same chemicals)

4. Increased appetite: Guess what? You’re not craving carrots and spinach. You want the WORST sugary and fatty bastard foods. One simple reason this happen is because your body release more ghrelin (hunger inducing hormone) and less leptin (hunger suppressing hormone). Go figure why not the opposite? I’d stay awake 24/7! JK…

5. Fight or flight state: Body registers stress. Body isn’t a very bold guy, … whatever you do you’re in danger. Ehy I just didn’t sleep last night, relax dude! NO. Body feels the need to increase blood pressure, blood glucose, cortisol and heart rate. DO NOT drink coffee to wake up! Make things worst.

One thing I know for sure is that night sleep is not the same as day sleep. The real restful recharging sleep happens at night. Any other time is BS. So if you had a bad night’s sleep, survive the day and drag yourself to bed EARLY.

I go through periods where I sleep like a baby and others where I wake up every night, usually around 1 or 2 am, and it takes me an hour or so to fall back asleep. I noticed in the past when I used to diet very hard my sleep was awful. I’d wake up at 3am craving my breakfast… sleeping hungry is the worst! On the other hand, training intensely is a great sleep booster and body relaxer.

I took benzodiazepines every now and then when sleeping was just too hard for me. They work like magic, but it’s easy to get addicted and you better have a doctor’s prescription if you’re taking them… they’re not candy.

So in other words… I’m really looking forward to my bed tonight.


6 responses to “ZZZZZZ

  1. Do you ever get in a funk where you sleep too much? That has happened to me a few days this week. It’s very abnormal for me. It’s almost always preceded by a late night by me (not even necessarily me going out, just staying up late). I guess that’s a positive problem to have, on occasion. I’m going to train like crazy tomorrow BEFORE the Superbowl and make sure to tire myself out so I can get to bed early!

    Thanks for blogging 😉

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