The last dance

Today has been quite a fun day. I was supposed to meet up in the morning with this guys friends of Ivan (my personal farmer lol) to move my stuff with their truck. I had to bring all my furniture and boxes from South Beach to Hollywood, FL where my aunt lives and got a big house.

At 10am I receive a call from Ivan very apologetic telling me the guys let him down and his son is on his way to help me… who is 16 years old.

His name is Ivan too (I know lack of fantasy in the family lol) and he’s the sweetest teenager ever, Colombian, always working hard and helping his father in the weekend with the fruit and vegetables stand. Apparently so well-trained that can even drive a TRUCK.

The truck in question is not a regular truck though. It has the followings characteristics:

Hand brake doesn’t work. If you are parking slightly downhill or uphill, someone gotta keep pushing main brake. Which in this case was me

push it or roll backward till I-95 lol

Left side mirror turn by itself so you gotta drive with window down and fix it every now and then

I don’t know the name of this but that’s how it looks and doesn’t seem right to me

The back door (where you unload) used to be opened electronically with a button now you gotta keep it closed with a rope, which gave up half way there

Oh and the coolest thing was the American flag waving in the wind


It was a fun scary experience lol… Ivan is adorable and we worked together, here he is unloading last stuff

I told him I’m gonna be his girlfriend as soon as he turns 21 πŸ˜›

So now I’m at my place where I’m left with my computer, a little lamp, my bike, the bed and… my pole πŸ™‚

I couldn’t leave before doing a last dance. So here it is, hope you enjoy xoxo

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