A day like another

Today has been so far a pretty boring day, but that’s just me, maybe for you it doesn’t look the same. So let’s sum it all up till now, 6pm:

Woke up around 8am, cooked some veggies for the day and got my breakfast ready, I eat everyday the same thing

I didn’t go to do cardio on empty stomach because I had planned legs in the morning, and that’s what I did after I cleaned up the kitchen and checked news/weather/Facebook. Then I went out and from 11am till about 1pm I was at the gym, my friend Kiara joined me once I texted her I was gonna do legs 😉

It has been raining all day so no beach, swimming or war with jellyfish (throwing jellyfish to each other is the newest shit in here! Lol).

Back home I ate a lot of good stuff: Brown rice, tuna, broccoflower, baked eggplants and cherry tomatoes. Plus this dessert

Carrots and greek yogurt with a spoon of… hate/love (PB).

I can’t say I had a busy afternoon. I have so much free time lately because of summer time that I don’t even like it anymore! But changes are coming SOON 🙂

So I stretched some more at home and practice a little pole

I’m such a clown!

That’s it so far. Yea, boring life! 😉

One response to “A day like another

  1. The good thing is, despite your day being “boring”, it still sounds like you were productive 🙂 Besides, bad weather is an excuse to give yourself a small break and relax. Having boring or lazy days is only bad when you string them together over and over and over again.

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