Trip to Toronto, Overxxxposed and back to Miami

I just got back from my 4 days trip to Canada, and I gotta say I didn’t want to leave. I’ve really grown closer to my Canadian friends and it made me think quite a bit about Miami and the people I know here. I consider myself attached to very FEW ones, and after 5 years this seems little weird. But living in South Beach is like this, you enjoy the weather, nature, beach and overall environment the most, when it comes to people though it’s pretty shallow. Some are tourists, some just come and go, some are superficial, selfish, money oriented, the rest are good people who seem always too busy for anything out of their routine… eventually I fell in that category I think!

Anyway, going back to my Canadian time, I had a blast spending time before, during and after the Overxxxposed show, the main reason of my trip. I could see what it means to organize from scratch an event, set up an art gallery, stage, lights, bar, food, licenses, invitations and all the thousands details a show requires. Its a LOT of work. And I was glad to be there and help a little 🙂

The Overxxxposed show, for those who don’t know it, is an event where fashion (ligerie/bikini), erotic photography and sexy art meet, I suggest you to check out the website 🙂 Each Overxxxposed differs one from another, this one was definitely more focused on the art and exposition, more intimate with a smaller crowd, yet another success. The one before in February looked more like “Vegas Rehab”, ahah crazier for sure. I didn’t miss a chance to jump on the pole this time as well, you might have seen some pics on my facebook page lol


I was very happy to see friends like Vasko Obscura, Randal Martin, Jeremy Shortt and all the other great photographers who were there.

As in any GOOD party, someone at a certain point started to throw up, and it sounds odd but the scene inspired a drawing I did on the plane on my way home lol

There will be more footage of the event coming up. You definitely should attend the next one!

Lastly, a funny pic Paul Buceta took one morning while I was attacking the fridge… what a b…reakfast 😉

Now I’m gonna be in Miami for the rest of summer, I have friends and my mom visiting, I’ll spend my time as tour guide lol, between beach and local attractions 🙂 my training instead will be mostly weights, some cardio, pole dancing and floor work, stretching and foam rolling.

Hope u having a great summer!

3 responses to “Trip to Toronto, Overxxxposed and back to Miami

  1. I’ll speak from my experience. It is extremely difficult to find good friends and make yourself an entourage. Everyone needs an entourage similar to what superstars have: those trusted people who will watch your back and you watch their back, who will not criticize you and judge you but accept you for who you are. These are people you go out with have fun with, etc. And you keep adding to that basket. I find it very difficult to find such people. And I don’t think it has to do with Miami or any other place. I think the world has changed. People are busy trying to make a living that they forget the social needs. And they drift by not caring about others. You could go back to your native town or country and you will find people with same attitude. What i find different in this country (US) is that people in general are not open enough and don’t show their feelings and emotions like in say in Europe like France or Italy. So it’s tough to be more than an acquaintance. Once I was in a bar in an Austrian small town called Grasz on a friday evening, was amazed to find people who don’t know each other (whether it’s a male or female) sharing a table and starting a discussion around a drink and a cigarette. “Can I join you” they ask and the other replies “Sure, please”. I don’t see this much in the US. Americans are more reserved i find. I think it has to do with the social fabric, people here move around a lot between States hundreds even thousands of miles away. But hey good friends exist out there, just have to work hard at finding them. And you hold on to the gems.

    Anyway, loved your pics and your art. Looks like you had fun in CA. Toronto and Canadians in general are awesome. I always say Canadians are a cross between Europeans and Americans they combine the best of both. Except its freaking cold up there in the winter!!
    Until next time.

  2. Amazing to see and and meet you live beautiful… although for only a short time! I look forward the next time our paths cross:))


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