Why did I feel so uncomfortable?

Last night I went out with a girlfriend of mine that is here in Miami few days, she brought with her few other friends and we went to dinner.

As soon as we sat at the table, her friends started smoking- not even bothering to ask if that was ok for the rest of us.

We ordered food and I was being nice even if they kept insisting to make me try a sip of beer, one fried shrimp etc, like if THAT was the focus of the night…? Make someone change his choices just so everybody feel on the same level? Forget about it.

They were not into sports, rather into drinking and smoking. If that’s what you like I really don’t CARE, not everyone is into fitness, healthy eating and no drinking, but WHY accusing someone to be “antisocial” etc, with that “joking tone” which is nothing but masked criticism? Plus, ehm… who the hell are you?

“What about YOUR CHOICES?” I thought. But I didn’t want to get into a useless discussion with people so different and far away from me.

Call me boring, but I’m sick and tired of jokes about food choices, lifestyle etc. I don’t think it’s funny, but honestly quite RUDE.

I felt so out-of-place just being MYSELF, and what pissed me off the most was my INCAPACITY to get over them. How could I LET people I didn’t even know to make me feel SO uncomfortable? Am I too well-educated, and when it comes down to deal with people like this I have no clue?I just don’t understand them.

Homework for the future: work on my confidence. Don’t let people make me feel like last night!

7 responses to “Why did I feel so uncomfortable?

  1. You’ve got no reason to lack confidence. The bottom line is that, like it or not, we’ll almost always feel societal pressures, especially when we’re outside of our “comfort” zones. It’s normal.

    That being said, let this be a learning experience. I would agree, it sounds like those people were douchebags, and for that exact reason you shouldn’t care what they think or how they acted at all.

    Tall, beautiful, smart. No reason to lack confidence!!! 😉

  2. You already have plenty of confidence Sofia – the fact that you chose to be baited by their petty narrow mindedness is just testimony to your will power.
    However, you are only human, and the fact that it grated you is nothing to beat yourself up about, I pity people like that – I have to endure the “Anti-social” sarcasm all the time If I choose not to drink and live/eat Healthy, that’s my choice. and I have a right to it.
    And if people are going to be shallow enough to judge me for it. Tough! Get over it. It just show’s how immature and pitiful they are.
    However, People who are selfish and think passive smoking is no big deal DO deserve to be reprimanded in my opinion, whether they know you or not. especially in a restaurant!! wtf?
    So next time – I say hell yeah, unleash your feelings on them, with diplomacy of course – because until those insecure idiot’s learn that other people are entitled to their lifestyle choices, which are none of their damn business, they will never learn to keep their opinions to themselves!

  3. man can i relate to this.. my friends ask me to go out for dinner or partying all the time.. and when i say no thanks to a drink or fried food they razz me. ugh.. however you have better will power than me.. i usually cave a little

  4. you said that you went out with YOUR GIRLFRIENDS, well did you just meet them? I mean people dont just drink and smoke out of the blue. Of course you knew they drank and smoked so why did you go? Your fault!

    • ONE was my girlfriend, the others I didn’t know at all. U can’t deny an invitation just bc u don’t know who u’re going out with. How do u meet new ppl then? So not my fault

  5. sorry your right then!!! BTW, you rock. You are so beautiful. The Italian thing just makes it even better!!!!

  6. I know the feeling my friend, but you know what? when people come to me saying Get a life!!! just bc I dont follow their “lifestyle” I just replied back (with a huge smile) I certainly have one while you are loosing yours 😉

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