Legs workout… and an awesome walk

I trained so well today, my legs are sore already and I feel relaxed and in a good mood. My routine went like this:

Jump squats with 20kg bar on shoulders 3×12 + 8 squat + 8 front squat + 8 deadlifts

Squat 60kg 3×10 + 10 frog squat + 30sec hold squat position isometrically with back against wall

deadlifts with 60kg, 1×12, 3×10

split squat with 10kg dumbells 2×8 + 8 lunges + 8 1leg deads + 8 1leg overextension on roman bench

lateral lunges with 20kg bar 3×12 each side

hip thrusts with 35kg 4×15

stretching, 20 min nice and deep.

In the afternoon I went for a long walk (3 hrs!) around the most famous places of Milan with my friend Paolo… I know him since high school, he’s a special person to me because he always showed me he cared to keep in touch throughout the years, and that is something not everyone does. Here it’s me, killing time before going out lol


Here instead I’m under Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, in the heart of Milan, right beside the DUOMO (Paolo reviewed for me some Italian history lol…Vittorio Emanuele used to be the king of Italy before we became a Republic)

We talked a lot, laughed and I had a chance to see so many beautiful places, time went by so fast. I’m sure we’ll meet again before I leave next week πŸ˜‰

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