So good you don’t wanna swallow

I had a real busy day!! Went to US Consulate and after 2 hrs of lines, panic(!) and procedures I made it… I renewed my documents so I can keep staying in America πŸ™‚

I love Italy, my roots are here and this is my home, but USA is where my dreams have flown, where my heart took me the day I started the quest to my future.

I had lunch with my dad and went to the gym soon after. Since I’m resting more (less cardio) and having more calories in my diet (not cycling carbs now) I’m having such strong weight workouts lately, I love it. This was today’s routine:

Shoulder press, standing with dumbells 14 and 16 kg 2+2 sets, 10-8 reps

Shoulder press, seated with dumbells 14 and 12 kg (same as before)

Lateral raises, standing with dumbells 6kg 4 sets, 12 reps + drop sets with 4 kg, then 2 kg till I cant take it anymore

overhead squats (yes I do them for shoulders!) with 20kg bar, 2×10, then a shoulder start to nag, so I did Military press with same bar, seated 2×10.

Single frontal raises at cable, 5kg 3×12

Single rear delt raises, bent over at cable 5kg 3×12

Extrarotations for rotatory cuff, standing with 2 kg dumbells 4×15

Cable crunch on knees 50kg 4×15

Hanging leg raises 3×12

Crunch on swiss ball holding 1.25kg overhead 3×15

Torso twists with stick, 3×50

Floor stretching, nice and deep for about 30 min. It’s too funny I’m bigger than the guys here… lol definitely intimidating πŸ˜›

After that I went home and had some of the fresh veggies I bought this morning with my mom

and my favorite tuna for protein. Carbs were TARALLI! They are delicious crackers from Puglia, made with whole wheat flour, a touch of wine, olive oil, salt and fennel seeds. You wont believe how GOOD they are! I have to limit the amount to only two because they are not low calories, but every bite I have I swear I wait a while before I swallow lol!!!!

I’m really enjoying my staying. I hope these days will pass slowly… I’m thinking a lot about where I am with my life, how my family is, what my next moves are gonna be, what I want from the years to come etc. Good, stress-free thinking πŸ˜‰

Talk soon!

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