A casa mia

Finally! After 10 hrs flight and other several ones of waiting… I got in Milan. My mom knows how to make me happy! She bought me egg whites, fresh tomatoes, songino salad, grilled chicken with curry salt… oh and my favorite tuna!!!

I fasted while on the plane, ate at home and all I could do after lunch was this

that’s our dog Rocky πŸ™‚ wondering who’s that girl?? (With DAT A**?Lol)

I was so exhausted but excited at the same time, everything is so different, feels like Miami is Wonderland and here is so much more “real”… real city life, busy, traffic, old buildings, streets, every corner reminds me a piece of my past, I really LIVED every part of this city.

A friend of mine came for dinner, my mom prepared a delicious shrimp salad

Today I think I’ll just go around do some grocery, getting used to jet lag, see my dad and maybe other friends. Tomorrow I wanna go run for cardio and train!!!

Cheers for now, just had my oats, green apple and eggwhites. I suspended carb cycling for now. I will still be low carb and low fat, but not so low on carbs as I was doing with cycling. Here’s the breakfast table, look at my special “cow cup” πŸ™‚

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