Summer time and update SROCD day 3, 4

I’m loving my time off school, I found new modeling opportunities, I’ve been shooting, meeting new people, planning the next months to come and of course keeping up with my new experiment, the SROCD (Survivor ROC Diet).

I really love to take pictures, if I could I’d just train, cook, tan and do photoshoots ๐Ÿ™‚ (which is not so far from reality lol). Been practicing my dramatic home-poses!

Anyway I wanted to write a quick update about this different diet- approach I’m trying myself, and today, after 3 and 1/2 days of 50gr carbs and about just 1000 cals a day (less than 50% my regular diet) I got to have a break and change things up.

In the beginning I thought I could do 2 weeks straight on 1000-1200 cals a day. In fact that’s possible…if you lay in bed all day, sort of. I could handle the very low calories, but getting a good workout was out of question, and “mediocre” training ย is just against my nature. I’ ve done 1 shoulder workout, 2 deep stretching/foam rolling and 1 decent cardio up till today. But the diet change was really drastic, so I thought I was OK to focus more on the “non-eating” rather than training. For those of you who wonder why the hell am I doing this: trying out a new plan to lose about 5 lbs in 2 weeks, whatever occasion you are getting ready for.

Today is day 4 and this afternoon I’m going to start a 24 hrs higher carbs phase. Am I giving up? NO. Am I going for a huge refeed? NO. I just read Lyle Mc Donald’s UD2 ebook and it has been quite inspiring. I knew he’s such a meticulous expert and I’ve been reading some of his articles for a while now. The way he discusses fat loss/muscle gain topics is so scientific and precise, it makes really lots of sense. I’m not doing exactly what he suggests (like having a 6000 cals carb load or following his training protocol) but honestly I see his point in having a higher carbs and cals window between 5 and 24hrs period. Plus I REALLY miss a heavy workout, and that surely will help my energy levels and hunger pain. I took lots of notes when reading and wrote down my adjustments ๐Ÿ˜‰

If this higher carbs day is enough, I still will go back to 1000 cals a day, if not, I’d have couple days at 1600 for example, then back at 1000 for 3 and 1/2 days.

I still want to write an ebook about my experience once I’m done, I’m already writing not just the food I’m eating, but sensations, feelings, training, supplements, calculations to know exactly how many fat, carbs, protein and overall cals I need (and how you can do the same). It’s gonna be not just effective but very interesting ๐Ÿ˜‰

Already dreaming about carbs… this is mostly what my stomach have seen these days


3 responses to “Summer time and update SROCD day 3, 4

  1. Hey Sofia,
    I have been in this industry now long enough to know a lot more than I do – it frustrates me that I lack the confidence to experiment more with carb cycling etc. I have done 3 shows and won 2 of them. I have been burnt real bad though with inappropriate refeeding which I suspect contributed greatly to putting my body in a lot of shock and messing up my hormones. I have now got my period back after 3 years of absence at the detriment of enjoying my body, I am now way fatter than I wish to be and am having a hugely tough time getting my bodyfat back down – it does not seem to matter what I do.
    At the moment I have put myself on a very strict 1000 Cal meal plan, no starchy carbs, veg/salad, protein shakes and lean protein. I still do 3 – 4 cardio sessions a week and 4 – 5 weight training. Am I silly in not refeeding a little to bump up the low calories? I am worried that maybe I am slowing my metabolism down too much as I dont feel very hungry anymore. I just dont really know how to do a proper refeed. You have managed to do it so well and I guess I would really appreciate a little help – I am happy to come to some sort of financial agreement for your help – maybe you could design a refeed? I dunno – kinda scared of doing them as I know that in order to benefit from a refeed you should be kinda lean – that I am not ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Thanks Hun – you do looking smashin these days xx

    • I see ur point. how long have u been on 1000cals plan?I think u would benefit from a meal plan makeover. its 50$ and I’d design a plan, including refeeds, focused on ur goals. u will have to send me ur body stats (age, hight, weight, bf%…)

      • Sweet thanks Sofia – I’ll be in touch soon – I am just reading Lyles book UD2 and trying to absorb some much needed info! I do think though that I would appreciate your help in a good diet. I’ll email you once I have finished the ebook for some help x

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