My eyes are green, dammit.

Whenever I’m writing down my body stats pops out the question: What colors are your eyes? Well nobody thinks mine are green. But I DO think they are.

“Umph! I’ll prove it to you all!”

I’ve been taking quite a collection of eyes pictures. Yes, vanity to the extreme and beyond… if you didn’t noticed yet lol.

Some of my “eyes shots” :

cat eyes

sexy eyes

No make up eyes

alien eyes

drama eyes

glittery eyes

They all are green!

If that’s not enough, then I’m color blind and nobody ever told me.

4 responses to “My eyes are green, dammit.

  1. That “sexy eyes” picture is actually really good! Is that from a photoshoot? I’m going to try to make a desktop background out of it!

  2. I experience the same sentiments. My eyes have a mixture of hazel and green pigments with the brown. I had my DNA tested with 23andMe, and the results concurred. Good on you to openly blog about it. 😉

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