Unjustified hunger

There are days where I’d stay home all day and eat. Do not see anyone, do nothing but cooking and playing with my computer. This makes me 100% NORMAL. Because I know I’m not the only one to have these days, the only difference between me and most of the people who feel this is that I dont let the LAZY ME take over…at least not completely. Let me explain.

For some reason (most of the time is stress or lack of sleep), our body thinks that FOOD is the solution to EVERYTHING. You sad? You tired? You bored? You depressed? Stressed? Angry? EAT! It’s always a good time to eat. Only exception is if someone kicked you in the face and broke your jaw (but hey you can still have smoothies buddy!)….

I know there are times where my hunger is just out of the roof, unbalanced, unjustified, I eat and I’m still hungry, I’m full and I’m still hungry…How come??? I identified two major meanings to this.

1. You REALLY need a diet change. If you have been months on tuna cans and broccoli, gummy tasteless protein pancakes…. try turkey and mushrooms, my Roccocoa cake (in my Recipes ebook!) or whatever. I always make sure I rotate my food for a. getting plenty of different nutrients, b. fight the cravings by add variety to my meals.

2. You feel EMPTY inside. DEPRESSED. DEMOTIVATED. And food is a quick fix for short term happiness. In this case you NEVER crave egg whites and asparagus (real hunger). But FATS and CARBS… REFUSE TO EAT if that’s the case! I do feel demotivated too sometimes. I’m no wonder woman (on reg basis lol). So what I do is a. I write down how I feel and why I think I feel this way, what should I do to feel better fast. b. I prepare this stuff-me-up meal: 1.5 cups wheat bran, 1cup water, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, stevia, cinnamon. I cook it on the stove 15 min, cool it down. Fill me up like crazy…I might bloated but hey, this was a “meal emergency”.

If you still cant find a solution to your constant hunger… there are other options to take in consideration: overtraining-> take a day off. Low carbs/cals diet for too long-> try a refeed.

Still hungry? So its time to admit it. YOU ARE A SLACKER! Lol πŸ˜‰

2 responses to “Unjustified hunger

  1. I loved this honest post! I have days like that too… I recognize it, I also document it as to why I feel that way. You are right – majority of the time it is due to stress or fatigue from lack of sleep. Sleep is SO vital when training. More so than workouts themselves. However, many people may be experiencing “emotional” eating… yes, as in being lazy and all they want to do is eat. I always suggest to just get out of the house and do something active or meet up with some friends, phone your best friend to chat and distract yourself… it’s best to just go away, OR make yourself to fall asleep. Usually, after a good rest, you have a totally different perspective on life. πŸ™‚ Thanks again for sharing and for the tips on how to stay STRONG!!! πŸ˜‰

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